Did you try it once, twice—did you use the 15 day trial and give the software a real go—did you create variations of your online ad campaign to test what was working—did you blog once or twice before declaring content marketing a failure?

All too often we give up on something at the first try, or we blame the technology, not ourselves. It’s a trait that many successful companies don’t allow themselves to indulge in as every attempt to do something new is a learning curve, a step closer to more success.

Guilty as Charged

I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to declaring something a failure without really trying. If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll recognise these scenarios:

Well actually I only stuck to the plan for two days and sneaked in some chocolate bars so I didn’t exactly try it.

Well, we placed one ad online and gave it a small budget. After a few days it wasn’t working so we stopped everything.

Well, actually I signed up for the trial, added my details and poked around for an hour, then I didn’t really have time to log back in over the next few weeks.

This happens a lot in trialling Amazon repricing software which is a great pity as many sellers miss out on the huge gains they could make from using a repricer creatively. Even with a simple and fast setup, the ability to try out in a safe mode (without affecting live listings) and the ability to apply basic rules in a snap, some sellers don’t embrace the notion of trying things out, seeing what works and adapting their selling to increase sales.

A Longer-Term Strategy

Large sellers view their inventory sales over a long period of months to gauge profits and performance and use repricing software to react and adjust over the term to maximise sales and profits. It’s a longer-term strategy at play that many successful sellers adopt to remain competitive and in business for many years.

Don’t Miss Out By Exiting Too Early

So what didn’t work for you? What diet is no good, what marketing strategy sucks, what do you think of repricing software? In truth some things won’t be suited to your business, that diet might be a fad, that particular software solution might not fit with how you do things, but repricing your inventory on Amazon and Rakuten’s Play.com is just good business sense and works for thousands of online sellers—some are large, some are small, but all started with a free trial…

Give it Another Go!

Q4 is the busiest quarter of the year and the perfect time to give repricing software another. Good news – even if you’ve had a free trial with us before, you may be able to get another 15 days free!

Just sign up to RepricerExpress today and start maximising those sales – no credit card needed.

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