Amazon’s Return Dissatisfaction Rate & Customer Dissatisfaction Rate

How to Manage Negative Feedback on Amazon

Sellers logging into Seller Central last week may have noticed two new seller metrics on their dashboard, introduced by Amazon in an attempt to improve the returns process and help Amazon buyers get more satisfaction.

Return Dissatisfaction Rate

The Amazon seller dashboard now includes a Return Dissatisfaction Rate, which measures customer satisfaction on how customers’ returns are processed. The rating is based on the percentage of valid return requests that were not answered within 48 hours, were incorrectly rejected, or received negative customer feedback.

Amazon created the Return Dissatisfaction Rate to help prevent claims and negative feedback, and guide sellers’ understanding of where they can improve the returns experience for their buyers.

The Return Dissatisfaction Rate consists of three individual components:

  • Negative Return Feedback Rate: % of valid return requests that have received negative buyer feedback
  • Late Response Rate: Amazon sellers must respond to return requests from buyers within 48 hours.
  • Invalid Rejection Rate: % of in-policy return requests that are incorrectly rejected.

Sellers will be rated either good, fair or poor.

Sellers rated “Good” by Amazon will receive a green tick indicating you’re meeting Amazon’s standards.

A yellow exclamation mark will mean Amazon has deemed you “Fair” and you should take steps to improve delivery times and avoid negative feedback.

Sellers rated “Poor” will see the dreaded red X, illustrating that Amazon have decided your seller performance falls significantly below Amazon’s standards. Sellers should take immediate action to improve delivery times and avoid negative feedback.

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How to Reduce Negative Feedback

According to Amazon, sellers can reduce negative feedback in three ways:

  1. Choose to automatically authorise returns.
  2. Check for return requests daily.
  3. Respond quickly.

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Customer Dissatisfaction Rate

Amazon have also introduced a Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate, which is the percentage of customers not satisfied with a seller’s responses in Buyer-Seller Messaging.

Customers are asked in every message, “Did this solve your problem?“. The Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate metric is calculated using the percentage of “No” responses to this question.

You can view whether you have been rated Good, Fair or Poor rating on the Performance Checklist within the Customer Satisfaction page.

Amazon Seller Metrics

Both new metrics are viewed as an attempt by Amazon to improve customer service levels from its third-party merchants and consequently improve the buyer’s experience.

Amazon views returns as a critical part of the buying experience. They feel sellers should have full visibility of how satisfied buyers are with the buying experience. An unsatisfactory returns process is more likely to result in claims and negative feedback.

According to reports last week on BBC News, some buyers have had their Amazon accounts suspended for abusing its returns policy.

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