You’re busy and don’t have time to comb through countless articles on how to rock Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). And while we do our best to condense all that information into potent packages, we also recommend listening to these amazing podcasts so you can do two things at once and continue to rock on.


1. Private Label Podcast (Kevin Rizer)

When you want an expert opinion, you turn to someone who’s spent serious time in the trenches. Enter Kevin Rizer, a self-made man who conducts interviews that are conversational and easy to follow. He’s not afraid to ask ‘silly’ questions because he knows his listeners are wondering the same thing. As a bonus, check out his Private Labelling for Dummies bit, which breaks down all the concepts on private labelling you need to get started right away.


2. My Wife Quit Her Job (Steve Chou)

Hasn’t everyone who started seriously selling on Amazon done so with the intention of it being so successful, they can make it a full-time gig? Well, Steve Chou can help you out with that by imparting pearls of wisdom from his and his wife’s store, Bumblebee Linens. Want more proof they really made it work? His wife is still a big-time breadwinner by them returning her to her six-figure salary.

Check it out…

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3. The Amazing Seller Podcast (Scott Voelker)

You know how the top Amazon sellers generally get featured at the top of the list because they have such good reputations? That’s Scott Voelker in the podcast version. He covers topics for beginners and experts and everyone in between, going really in-depth about issues so you get a comprehensive idea of how to move forward.

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4. Selling on Azon (James J. Jones)

We all know how much — and how quickly — the landscape changes in online selling, which is why it’s such a valuable resource to have some podcasting who’s been there since before Day 1. James got his start in online marketing in 1983, which may be before some of you were even born! While some listeners may bemoan his not-so-conversational style, it’s actually a boon because he wastes no time in getting into the nitty-gritty and cuts out all the fat.

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5. The Ask Jordan Podcast (Jordan Malik)

Want to get insider info from someone the likes of CNBC, Time and The Wall Street Journal all deemed valuable enough to talk to? That’s Jordan Malik for you, and he’s translated his experience into podcasts where he answers listeners’ questions. It’s a great way to learn about real-world issues and questions, instead of necessarily hearing from someone with a totally different vantage point from yours.

Check it out…


6. FBA Journey Podcast (R.C. Rice)

You’re an Amazon seller looking for success, and what better place to look than someone who’s scrambled her way to the top? She started off as a young’un and sharpened herself up quickly, using her mistakes and those of others to become a well-rounded pro seller. One of the biggest lessons you can take away from R.C. is to fearlessly and energetically go after your goals, no matter what you have to overcome.

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