Camera lenses don’t get much better than the green Sigma 200-500mm, weighing in at an impressive 35 pounds. How much do you reckon? Not even close, this camera lens will set you back to the tune of $26,000 with a dollar change, a mere £17,000 when converted. Repricer Express, Amazon repricing software, takes a look at some funny Amazon customer reviews of this luxurious product.

Here are some of our favourites from the Amazon product page:

Christopher A. Simmons offers the following thoughts, “I must admit I did not buy this monster of a lens – it came to me the old fashion way (no it wasn’t stolen) my parents purchased it for me – they have more disposable income than I…Don’t unleash this beast around other photographers or anyone else for that matter unless you are a total camera snob and are trying to compensate for certain inadequacies.”

Brett Turley isn’t impressed with the colour choice. He says ” The issue I had, was when the FBI and Homeland security showed up at my house. I was shooting a wedding in downtown Orlando, which is only about 30 miles away, from my roof. The house was surrounded and guns drawn on me. You see, I live near enough to a major airport that the neighbors mistook it’s green color and imposing size as some sort of ground to air missile launcher. I would strongly consider coloring it a light color to minimize thermal expansion during the day, and marking the side, Not A Stinger Missile.”

Walt Kurtz give a 5-star review with the headline “Tactical, Practical and Stealthy”. He continues, “I recently order 12 of these excellent lenses for a local SWAT team of which I am a member. Besides being a first rate surveillance lens owing to its easy concealability and portability it is a great scope for precision rifle applications. On the team we use it as a door breaker as it is hilarious to capture the expressions of suspects as the door implodes and we come charging in. I figure compared to a 500 dollar toilet seat this was a bargain. I think everyone should have at least two.”

J. Ryan examines the target market for the lens, “The item is designed to appeal to photographers (1.5 billion), who are professionals (500,000), photographing wildlife or pimples on athletes’ faces (2,000), who can justify a $29,000 expense (100), who don’t mind handling 37 pounds (15), and whose professionalism isn’t threatened by it being bright green (1). Unfortunately, that guy was eaten trying to get a close-up of a lion before this thing was designed.”

That’s all from us but if you’re thirsty for more (I watched Home Alone over the holidays), you can head over to Amazon to delve through the hundreds of reviews or purchase the lens for yourself or a loved one. If you have ambitions to win a share of the Buy Box, then customer satisfaction and great feedback is vital as well as competitive pricing. RepricerExpress can help you with reprice your Amazon products. Learn more on how dynamic pricing works with your free 15-day trial today.

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