13 Tips for Selling on Amazon That All Sellers Need to Know

Amazon selling tips

Yes, it’s that exciting time again when we here at RepricerExpress offer up the best tips for selling products on Amazon. So without further ado, let’s get started with 13 tips for selling on Amazon FBA in 2020 for new and experienced sellers.

1. Perfect Your Product

Quick, in 10 words or fewer, describe what you’re selling. You need to be an absolute expert on your items or else your buyers will sniff out that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Take whatever time is necessary to learn everything you can about your items so that when the occasion arises, you have an answer to any question.

2. Create Your Own Brand

Why should I, the buyer, purchase brand name items from you that I can get anywhere else? There’s nothing special about that, other than perhaps a slight reduction in price. But create your own brand and items, and now you’re talking. Now you’ve got a truly unique concept that instantly gives you leverage.

3. Register as a Professional Seller

There’s a bit more involved than simply signing up with Amazon, uploading product descriptions and calling yourself a merchant. You can technically do that, yes, but it won’t pay off in the long run. Not only will you save money on the commission on each item sold, but you can also upload items that aren’t available anywhere else on Amazon and sell in previously restricted categories.

4. Keep Prices Flexible

There are two ways to create a cost for something: the price you want to sell it at, and the one it will sell at. Sometimes, the two intersect, but it doesn’t happen very often. For the rest of the times, you should look at repricing software to compete with the best of them.

5. Sell What People Want

You may think macaroni necklaces are just the best thing in the world, but if enough people don’t agree with you, then your sales will be kind of meagre, to say the least. We’re not saying to completely abandon your dreams and passions, but to complement it with sure-fire money-makers. For example, sell the macaroni necklaces along with other types, diversifying and offering a decent selection of what people want.

6. Automate Your Listings

There’s no doubt being an online merchant will mean a lot of tough work, but you can create several handy shortcuts for yourself that will add plenty of time back to your life. One of those is to use an API to automate your listings, letting technology do the heavy lifting for you. There are plenty of software programs out there, so it’s just a matter of finding the one that works best for you.

7. Sell in the Middle Ground

If you’ve been reading so far, it may be tempting to think that selling the most popular items on Amazon is a surefire recipe for success. But when you think about it, how many merchants out there are selling Xbox systems and iPods? Plenty, which makes competing with them pretty tough. Instead, widen your horizon to the top 1,000 items or so, giving yourself a big middle ground to deal with but still with plenty of profit potential.

8. Optimise Product Listings

This is probably easiest if you’re just starting out on Amazon, as everything is still a blank slate. If you’re an established seller, it can be easy to lapse into bad habits and forget about optimising your listings. Don’t — spend a day or two going over the quality of images, writing, keywords and everything else.

9. Use Fulfilment by Amazon

Plenty of new sellers make the mistake of not going with FBA, thinking that they can save costs by packing and shipping themselves. And while it’s true you can, it’s one of those things, like hiring moving men, that is just easier to have someone else take care of. Trust us — you’ll soon get to a point where you’ll want to purchase time, and FBA is one of those ways.

10. Play by the Rules

Yeah, Amazon’s really big and there are going to be several cases all the time when something slips by. But if you continually skirt under the radar, Murphy’s Law dictates that eventually, you’re going to get nabbed for the big one. It’s just not worth it, as it can result in bad reviews, fewer sales and even being booted off Amazon.

11. Use Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are displayed on relevant product pages when a user searches for a product. If you’re new to PPC then this is a great place to start as you’ll get a good return on your investment.

12. Write Great Product Titles

Your Amazon product titles should be optimised for SEO, clear and informative. The magic formula is brand name, colour, size and keywords. Make sure you fully comply with Amazon’s rules. Learn how to write winning product titles for Amazon

13. Focus on Mindset

Our final tip is mindset — a positive mindset can make a huge difference in life and when it comes to selling on Amazon. Anyone can start an online business but only those with the right mindset will succeed. A positive mindset will open up your mind to innovation and creativity.

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