9 Essential Expert Amazon Selling Tips

Positive Customer Service Tips for Amazon Sellers

Stuck in a rut of low sales or nervous about getting started? Don’t fret, RepricerExpress is here to help out! We’ve got nine expert selling tips that can break you out of that funk or get you ready to hit the ground running.

1. Clean Up Your SEO

If people can’t find your listings, you’re never going to get a sale. It’s as simple as that. But what makes Amazon’s SEO different from other search engines is people are going there, thisclose to purchasing, to search for a specific product. They don’t need to research or compare; they need to buy. And if you can focus on the following points, always keeping in mind that Amazon’s prime goal is to sell stuff and make buyers happy, you’ll do well:

  • Great images
  • Descriptive title with popular search terms
  • Well written product description, using the primary, secondary, tertiary and longtail keywords you’ve researched
  • Attractive pricing

2. Price Smartly, Aggressively and Competitively

We’ve talked plenty of times about the value of repricing competitively to win more sales, but it’s for good reason: price matters a lot on Amazon. It’s a component of the Buy Box algorithm, but even if that’s not your goal, pricing competitively is an important thing to focus on. You can also use Amazon’s ‘Match Low Price Feature’ so you’re always in the fray with your competitors.

3. Write a Title That Immediately That Tells Buyers What They Need to Know

There’s no need to get fancy with this. Just put in certain bits of information that tells buyers exactly what you’re selling: brand name; colour and/or flavour and/or variant; size and/or quantity; and keywords. For more detail, check out our sister site FeedbackExpress’s article on how to write a good product title for Amazon.

4. Don’t Cheap Out on Images

You don’t have to go out and get a fancy camera; even your smartphone can do if you’re disciplined about taking good images. Here’s how:

  • Use natural (sun) light if possible
  • Use a neutral background so it doesn’t compete with the product
  • Remove any objects or clutter from the photography area
  • Shoot from different angles to highlight all the different aspects of the product
  • Use a tripod or something else to steady your camera/phone to prevent blurriness
  • If your product isn’t brand new, photograph any and all flaws

5. Double Check UPC Codes Before Entering Them

The only thing you can control is what you do on your end. And unfortunately, some sellers make the mistake of assuming manufacturers have put the correct/updated UPC codes on their products, only to later find out they correspond to a different item. Even though it seems like a little hassle, always double-check your products’ UPC codes before entering them into Amazon.

6. Take Advantage of Amazon Marketing Services

This is basically a no-brainer because you only pay each time someone clicks on one of your ads, but get the benefit of ads in highly visible and targeted areas. It’s low-risk, high-reward and something you should be considering very carefully.

7. Raise Your Average Selling Price into the Sweet Spot

Raising your Average Selling Price (ASP) means a higher profit margin. But raising it too much means buyers will look elsewhere for a less expensive version. Use a repricer to find out what your sweet spot is, and try and stay in a good price to fee ratio so you can maximise your profit margin.

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8. Use FBA to Make Your Life Easier

Because Amazon’s top priority is making sure their buyers are happy, who better to entrust the process than to Amazon itself? They’ll handle customer support in multiple languages, freeing you to focus elsewhere. And by using FBA, your products will become Prime-eligible and you won’t have to worry about shipping and handling at all.

9. Think About Using a Professional Account

Using a Professional Account typically has to do with monthly sales. If you regularly sell 40+ items a month, it makes huge financial sense to use a Professional Account. That way, you’re not charged a fee on every single sale, but rather pay a flat monthly rate and 15% in fees. Plus, you’ll also be able to bundle your items, use Amazon’s inventory reports and spreadsheets, be eligible for the Buy Box, and have the ability to sell in restricted categories.

Final Thoughts

One of the most important things you can do when selling on Amazon is pricing competitively. But it’d be a pretty bad idea to do it on your own and risk errors interfering with potential sales. Let RepricerExpress do the work for you so you can turn your attention to the more sophisticated areas of your business. When you sign up now, you start things off with a 15-day free trial.

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