The True Challenges of Being an Amazon FBA Seller

Amazon challenges

Guest post by Kev Blackburn from LifeSuccessEngineer

Being an Amazon FBA seller comes with many challenges and struggles. I call it the dark side of Amazon and it’s important to share that there can and will be some issues you could face when starting your Amazon business.

Amazon is always changing things and continues to implement new instructions and policies at all times. For example, last week they announced changes to FBA fees and a new Inventory Performance Index.

In the following videos, I will share and discuss whether Amazon FBA is “dying” as an opportunity for us Amazon FBA Sellers, what the challenges are and give you my experience of a real policy warning from Amazon.

Is Amazon DYING for us FBA Sellers?

Challenges, Struggles and Setbacks You Will Face as an Amazon Seller?

Policy Warning! Experiencing the Negative Side of Amazon?

The above videos hopefully shared with you another side to Amazon that should be spoken about and should be discussed. You are welcome to join our discussion within our Online Arbitrage Mastery Mastermind Facebook group. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me.

About the Author:

Kev BlackburnMy name is Kev. In 2015, I took massive action and started a business on Amazon. Within 6 months, I quit my full time Electrical Engineer job and we have now gone on to sell over £1,000,000 worth of physical products. We created a team of virtual assistants and physical employees, which gave my family the freedom to build the lives we wanted. On my Life Success Engineer blog, I share my journey and everything I have learned along the way. Read my story or check out my YouTube channel.

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