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At RepricerExpress, we work with all types of sellers from small sellers with a few SKUs to huge sellers doing millions in sales every year. This post is an interview with Kev Blackburn, an Amazon seller who has increased his profitability using RepricerExpress. You can read more from Kev on his blog, LifeSuccessEngineer.

Kev began selling on Amazon in May 2015. Before that, he was working as an Electrical Engineer supporting his family full-time. His work had started to take over his entire life. He became aware of the opportunity to sell on Amazon and make a living and hasn’t looked back since. Quitting his reliable full-time job and moving from his living room to a warehouse was a huge move for Kev.

Kev Blackburn

As Kev began to sell products on Amazon, he quickly realised, to be successful you need to win the Buy Box. However, the price changes on Amazon are so frequent, it’s impossible to manually update your prices every hour. He knew it would be hard work and the last thing he wanted to do was spend all his time manually updating product prices. He needed a user-friendly automated repricing program that he could rely on.

After careful consideration, Kev opted to automate his Amazon pricing to RepricerExpress. And, nearly two years later, Kev is delighted with the choice he made.  He now has over 750 different products, over 4,000 units in stock and in the last 30 days experienced sales of more than £60,000. Here’s our interview with Kev.

Kev Blackburn

All About RepricerExpress

RepricerExpress: How much do you pay each month? Is it worth it?

Kev: l reprice 5,000 SKUs for £45 per month which includes multiple marketplaces and free support via email and live chat.

Yes, without a doubt, it is absolutely worth it!

RepricerExpress: Would you recommend RepricerExpress? Why?

Kev: I would and I have recommended RepricerExpress to other sellers including friends and family. Why? Two main reasons—great software and great support.

The design is user-friendly and clean. It saves me hours each day and I have increased my sales and profits. Also, I’m now repricing 24/7, even when I’m asleep!

RepricerExpress: What features do you use within RepricerExpress?

Kev: RepricerExpress has many features and they are always updating and improving. We used the software to set up customised rules that control our repricing. We decide which sellers we compete with and exactly how we compete with them. RepricerExpress gives us so much flexibility on the different scenarios that may occur.

RepricerExpress: Was it easy to get setup?

Kev: Very easy. It only took me a few minutes to sign up and get started. I liked that I didn’t need to enter my card details to avail of the free trial.

Kev Blackburn CTA

All about FBA

RepricerExpress: How have you scaled your FBA business?

Kev: I have scaled the business with one thing in mind. Freedom.

I wanted time with my family and time for myself to do what I want when I want. That made me focus on automation and systemising the business. I did this with Virtual Assistants and using automated software such as RepricerExpress.

RepricerExpress: What category of products are you getting into and why?

Kev: We currently sell merchandise in the following categories: Toys & Games, Health & Personal Care, Beauty, Kitchen & Home, Games and Garden. The reason for this is we wanted to target multiple niches so there would be demand for products throughout the year.

RepricerExpress: What criteria do you look at when selecting products?

Kev: Is there a demand for the product and is there a history of sales? We do not gamble with products. I have a team of Virtual Assistants that research products and we select carefully. There are many tools you can use to get this information. CamelCamelCamel and Keepa are two great free tools for this.

RepricerExpress: Do you have different pricing strategies for different types of stock, and time periods in which you must sell the stock?

Kev: We have the same common strategy for all types of stock. We work on a minimum 30% return on investment. We will hold our prices at 30% or higher and only adjust after three months of having stock.

RepricerExpress: How do you determine your target profit margins across so many different products?

Kev: RepricerExpress allows us to set minimums and maximums. Our minimum is always set at 30% and they are very secure with this. The software is very reliable and we have never had any problems. I now have an Operations Manager who downloads our order reports monthly and we analyse our performance. This allows us to set all our targets for the business.

RepricerExpress: Do you sell on or plan to sell on any other marketplaces in the future, including your own web store?

Kev: Yes absolutely. We are currently in the early stages of planning our own web store and expanding worldwide to the US and India.

Join Thousands of Happy Sellers Like Kev

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