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Guest blog post by Kev from LifeSuccessEngineer

Amazon’s annual revenue is over $135 billion in sales. That is an incredible amount of money, which you can begin to take a piece of as early as next week. There has never been an easier time to make money online selling physical products using Amazon’s “Fulfilled By Amazon” Programme.

In the video below, I am going to show you that you do not need a brand or a huge capital investment to start. You can start by simply sourcing physical products at local retail stores and sell them using Amazon FBA for profit.


The 4 Stages To Online Arbitrage

The word arbitrage sounds confusing to some, however, it is very simple. It essentially means taking advantage of price differences in two different marketplaces. Marketplace examples could be your local retail store and Amazon. These are two different places that people go to spend money on products. Online arbitrage allows us as sellers to find a product in one marketplace and sell it in a second marketplace for profit.

Here’s an example of a product l purchased at a local retail store and sold on Amazon for a profit.

Spiderman Hero FX Glove

Stage 1 – Sourcing

The first stage to online arbitrage is sourcing.

You need to find the products to sell for a profit on Amazon. For this it takes research. In my business, I have a team of virtual assistants that research stores every day for deals, discounts and offers to see whether we can sell the products on Amazon.

We do not just source and sell anything though. This is not gambling! This is a step-by-step system to which every product goes through the same profitable product criteria. This is a critical checklist that each product must meet if we are going to purchase it.

I have created a free video training that shows exactly what the criteria is.

Stage 2 and 3 – Preparation & Shipping

To sell using Amazon FBA, you have to ship your products to the fulfillment centers that they have built around the world. Amazon uses UPS as a partner, which makes shipping incredibly cheap for us sellers. Each product needs to be labelled and in some cases bubble wrapped or poly bagged.

Amazon explains all this in Amazon Seller Central, which is really easy and straightforward to use.

FBA preparation and shipping

Stage 4 – Selling

Once your products arrive at Amazon, they will become “live” and your store will be able to sell your products to the millions of customers that currently purchase online every day.

Amazon has built trust over the last 20 years so when somebody thinks about purchasing a product online, the chances are they go straight to Amazon. We use this to our advantage.

Managing your inventory has never been easier.

The major advantages of Amazon FBA are that you never have to ship your products to customers yourself, you can offer next day delivery and you outsource 50% of your business immediately to Amazon which frees up your time to focus on purchasing more products and growing your team.

Manage Inventory screen

Automation and Extraction

The great thing about this business model is it can 100% automated and outsourced. You can grow your team and extract yourself from the business.

This allows you to travel with your family and gain the freedom that you desire.

This is why I recommend to anyone that online arbitrage is the best online business model to get started with.

You can hire virtual assistants, use prep services and sign up for automated tools such as RepricerExpress which will give you a competitive advantage when it comes to managing your product prices on Amazon.

EuroDisney Paris

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Kev BlackburnMy name is Kev. In 2015, I took massive action and started a business on Amazon. Within 6 months, I quit my job and we finished our first year at over £400,000 in sales. We created a team of 11 virtual assistants and 3 physical employees which gave my family the freedom to build the lives we wanted. On my Life Success Engineer blog, I share my journey and everything I have learned along the way. Read my story or check out my YouTube channel.


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