A Handy List of Amazon Repricer Tips (for New Sellers)

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Amazon is a great place to sell on and tons of new sellers join the marketplace to grab a share of the pie. With that in mind, here’s a list of Amazon repricing tips to help you avoid common errors that new merchants make. The list includes setting up an Amazon account, listing products, using images that violate Amazon policy and expensive shipping policies.

Our 11 Top Amazon Repricer Tips

1. Don’t register more than one account.
Amazon policy is clear on this, one seller account per Amazon seller. Any more than one is a violation of Amazon seller policy.

2. Including your web store URL in your seller or product information.
By selling on Amazon you are tapping into its vast customer base. In 2016, according to figures from Statista, had 2.27 billion visits per month across mobile and desktop. In return for this, Amazon does not allow you to direct traffic from its website to yours (unless using paid advertising).

3. Choosing the wrong seller account
More than two billion third-party items were sold on Amazon in 2014. Most sellers will have two main fulfilment options, Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) or Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN). With FBA, Amazon ships the products to customers whilst using MFN means shipping is the responsibility of the seller.

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4. Give accurate product information
Amazon can tell which sellers are selling the same product through the ASIN or UPC. Online shoppers make the purchasing decision based on this product information, so ensure it is accurate and informative to help boost your sales.

5. High-quality imagery
Amazon provides guidelines for images for sellers. Photos should ideally be high-resolution, include the entire product, be focused and well-lit with simple, clean backgrounds. Images containing words such as “free shipping” are also against Amazon policy.

6. Including sales promotions in your product title
Using information such as “lowest price” or “25% off” within your products is against Amazon policy. Also, avoid using all uppercase, symbols and HTML code in your product titles.

7. Shipping matters
If you’re looking to gain a share of the Buy Box, you need to have good customer reviews. If customers are overpaying considerably for shipping then this can have a negative impact on your business’ potential to win the Buy Box.

8. Pricing too low or too high
Setting the right price for your products is crucial to sales and profits. Pricing your products too low and you will eat into your profit margin whilst setting prices too high may mean you miss out on attracting customers.

Repricing on Amazon can be done through Amazon repricing software such as RepricerExpress, which allows you to set your min and max prices that you are prepared to sell your products at.

9. Great customer service
A crucial factor Amazon sellers must ensure they don’t falter on is customer service, as this affects Buy Box share, search visibility and sales. Keep a close eye on shipping speed, returns policy, prices and reviews to help maintain a high level of customer service.

10. Keep it secure
Consider setting up a separate bank account for Amazon payments. Amazon will never contact you to ask for your password, credit card or bank details so don’t disclose this information by email or phone. Also, change your password regularly to increase your account security.

11. Choose repricing software that doesn’t charge commission
Some repricers like you to do all the hard work then take a cut of the sales. RepricerExpress think this is unfair, so we like to charge a flat rate each month. With no commissions, you know if you have a great month of sales, you’ll be reaping all the benefits of your hard work.

Final Tip

Hopefully, these top tips will help you get your Amazon business off to a flyer. Once you’re up and running and want to save time manually updating your expanding inventory, you might want to consider getting your free 15-day trial of RepricerExpress.With RepricerExpress, you can increase your Amazon sales and profits by optimising your prices.

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