How to Build Your Brand on Amazon in 2023

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There are so many sellers on Amazon, distinguishing yourself is key to getting ahead. You may be rolling your eyes and thinking, “yeah, what else is new?”, but hear us out… RepricerExpress will be talking about how to build your own brand so buyers can recognise you from a mile away.

1. Understand What Your Brand is All About

Before you can start building a brand, you have to know what you’ll be creating. Jot down on a piece of paper the categories of products you sell, the demographics you’re trying to reach, and what you want to achieve (i.e. Google-like simplicity, Reddit-like activity, etc.)

2. Build in Small Blocks

Going back briefly to our Google reference, the search engine didn’t just suddenly become the behemoth that it is overnight. It took time to grow, and Larry Page and Sergey Brin had to add many small blocks along the way to tweak things into their ultimate vision.

You’ll want to take the same approach with building your own brand. Focus first on creating something of quality, then be patient while it’ll grow (this can/will take years). Put your brand/logo on everything so that, in time, consumers will soon begin to associate it with your products.

3. Don’t Go to Bat with the Big Boys

It can be tempting to have visions of grandeur, of competing with the likes of the world’s biggest brands and products. But even if that happens (and we certainly won’t discourage you of trying to reach those heights), it’s going to take some serious time.

Instead, a better, smarter and more efficient strategy is to look at the really popular ideas out there and make them your own.

Remember when Tickle-Me-Elmo was really popular? There’d be almost no point in trying to create your own Elmo-like character, but a better option would have been to create your walking, jiggling, giggling doll under your own (brand) name. That way, there’s no competition against precisely what you’re doing, and it can give you a leg up in moving forward.

4. Get Other People to Spread Your Word

When you first started selling on Amazon, you bought from other suppliers, suppliers with their own brands. But now that you’ve started to create your own brand, it’s time to put the shoe on the other foot. Start soliciting to small shops to see if they can carry your brand, say yes to anyone and everyone who wants to buy in bulk from you, and set up supplier-only specials to encourage business. And think a bit outside the box, too, in trying to establish relationships with brick-and-mortar shops instead of just solely looking online.

5. Start Tweaking Your Prices

Want to know one of the coolest things in dealing with your own brand? You get to cut out the middleman, which means more money left in your pocket. And while there are a ton of ways you can spend it, here’s a nifty one: undercutting your competition.

This technique works if your competitors are buying from existing brands and have to pay a wholesale fee. That way, you can happily skip over that step and pocket the money for yourself, then use it as a buffer to lower your prices to lure more customers to you.

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Final Thoughts

A bit of an addendum to the last tip is having repricing software to do all the dirty work for you. Using something like RepricerExpress frees up valuable time so you can continue to put these tips into play, along with using more we couldn’t pack in. But to get started, you have to first sign up for your 14-day free trial.

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