Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Which One is Right for You?

Jungle Scout vs Helium10

As an online seller, you’ll be using various Amazon seller tools and software to help you gain an edge over your competitors. Two of the most popular who sellers looking to grow their Amazon business are Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

But how do you know which one is right for you? Let’s check out this comparison guide of Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout to help you decide.

Helium 10: What You Need to Know

Helium 10

If you’re looking for an all-in-one tool to help you with SEO, inventory management, product and keyword research, refunds and more, Helium 10 has you covered. They have 21 tools available (organized into five categories), with the selection varying based on which plan you sign up for. Prices start at $0 for the preview-type free plan and go up all the way to $397/month, but you can save money by going for the annual option.

With the free plan, you get access to almost all of Helium 10’s tools, albeit with limited use (e.g. 2 uses of reverse ASIN lookup per day, 6 uses of keyword index checker, etc.). If you’re not sure which plan is right for you, take a look at how many items are in your inventory and see which plan most closely matches that number.

To get started, you need to create an account and select a plan. From there, you can customize your options to help you kick things up a notch.

For example, if you’re just starting out as an Amazon seller, you’ll need to settle on an inventory of things to sell. Use Helium 10 to track keywords in real-time so you can see which ones perform best, then use that in conjunction with any or all of their 4 product research tools to come up with a profitable shortlist of items.

Once you’ve gained some traction as an Amazon seller, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll be faced with returns, which Helium 10 can help you with. Their Refund Genie tool generates reports you can send off to Amazon for reimbursement (when applicable), saving you time and energy in doing that yourself.

Of course, a necessary part of selling on Amazon is creating and optimizing product listings on a regular basis. You can choose from templates and fill in the information yourself, or build your own listings and run them through the Index Checker tool to see:

  • If your keywords are correlating to your products showing up in searches.
  • What keywords competing product ASINs are ranking for.
  • If you have bad keywords adversely affecting listings or profitable keywords.
  • The best ways to get your products indexed on Amazon.

If you’re ready to start using Helium 10, you can install it as a Chrome extension or download the app for either Android or iOS. With the app, all the tools will be readily available so you can keep tabs on your Amazon listings wherever you are.

Jungle Scout: What You Need to Know

Jungle Scout

Another super popular tool Amazon sellers use is Jungle Scout, which is a widely recognizable name and hugely powerful in its tool offerings. Like Helium 10, you can use it as a Chrome extension or web app. At this time, there’s no downloadable app for Android or iOS; you can use it on your phone, but there’s so much information packed in there, you’re best off using it on a computer to view everything you need to.

Unlike Helium 10, there’s no free plan available, but you can try out Jungle Scout for 14 days on a money-back guarantee trial basis. If you like it, you can sign up for a plan on either a monthly or yearly basis (going yearly can save you up to 30%).

Another differentiating feature is there are no tiered plans with Jungle Scout. Instead, you can sign up for just the extension ($39/month or $19/month on the yearly plan), just the web app ($49/month or $39/month on the yearly plan), or both bundled together ($69/month or $49/month on the yearly plan). This makes it a more affordable option than Helium 10.

While it seems like the list of tools available with Jungle Scout (11) is less than that with Helium 10’s 21, it’s only because of how they’ve organized the features. If you look beneath the surface, you’ll find a jam-packed array of tools that can help you better yourself as an Amazon seller in just about every area.

But if Jungle Scout had to be known for just one thing, it’s that they’re head of the class as the ultimate Amazon research tool. They have a growing database of 70+ million products sold on Amazon, with the ability to filter by category, estimated sales, profit calculator, product tracker, sales rank, revenue and more. You can save an unlimited number of filter presets to make it easier to cross-reference product shortlists you’ve built up, as well as export your data in a .CSV file.

Final Thoughts

There are pros and cons to each, but test out both before committing to either. Another tool that lets you test-drive it before sticking with it is RepricerExpress. You’ll be able to set custom pricing rules that go in effect in real-time, allowing you to take advantage of market changes while you’re away, busy doing other stuff or just catching up on sleep. Along with a variety of pricing plans and the option to save money on a yearly basis, you can try it out for free for 15 days when you sign up now.

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