RepricerExpress vs Amazon Automate – Which to Choose?

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RepricerExpress is a veteran when it comes to repricing and considered to be the fastest repricing software on the market. Recently, Amazon released its own built-in repricing tool, Amazon Automate, which is free with a professional selling account.

The initial reaction of most sellers understandably was — why pay for something that you can get for free was the reaction of most sellers?

Amazon Automated Pricing vs Repricers FBA

However, we’ve seen sellers cancel their RepricerExpress accounts only to come back a short period of time later when they realise the Amazon tool is too basic for their needs and as many have observed on Amazon Seller Forums, it speeds up the race to the bottom!

Keep reading to find out why sellers are choosing RepricerExpress over Amazon Automate (Amazon Automated Pricing vs Repricers FBA).

Amazon Automate Encourages a Race to the Bottom

With Amazon’s Automate Pricing, your price can go directly to your minimum if even one other seller has a rule that would cause that. We strongly encourage you to read all of Amazon Automate FAQs. We’ve included one of the key ones below, for your convenience.

Your price will settle to the final level dictated by your rule and the other seller’s rule. For example, if you and the other seller both have the rule “Stay below the lowest price by $0.10″, your minimum price is $10.00, and the other seller’s minimum price is $10.50, rather than trigger numerous price changes in small increments, your price will go to $10.40, and the other seller’s price will go to $10.50.

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RepricerExpress Lets You Reprice Upwards

Repricing isn’t just about pushing your prices lower, as sometimes the better strategy is to raise them. Sometimes you have little or no competition and can increase your profit margin a bit more by repricing upwards.

RepricerExpress: No problem here. Just input your min and max values and decide which way you want it to go.

Amazon Automate: Uh, sorry. No, you can’t do this. Or at least, you can’t at this very moment in time.

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RepricerExpress Offers Custom Pricing

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, especially if you’re trying to beat competitors on different sites, or even in different ways on the same site. Customizing your approach is necessary to make repricing software work the way it’s supposed to, and save you doing the work yourself.

RepricerExpress: You can opt for pre-set custom pricing rules, or create your own. And the only limit to the latter is your imagination because you can come up with as many rules as you can think of.

Amazon Automate: Well, you can’t change prices incrementally, so there’s one knock against customisation. How it can impact you negatively is that Amazon Automate can jump directly to your min value instead of matching/beating your competitors along the way so you stay in the race longer. Instead of a strategic battle, it’s a quickened race to the bottom.

Superior Competition Settings

Picture yourself being Manny Pacquiao for a second. At 5 feet 5 inches, you’re going to have to adopt different boxing strategies for the 5’8” Floyd Mayweather and for the 5’10” Oscar De La Hoya. Using the same punch combinations for each opponent will get you KO-ed pretty fast, so you’ve got to be able to switch it up.

RepricerExpress: Set your pricing rules according to match/beat according to currency, percentage/currency unit, Buy Box options, type of seller and more. We know that to compete at an elite level, you need to be equipped with as much knowledge and options as possible.

Amazon Automate: Ooh, sorry. Yeah, no—you only get basic competition settings here. In fact, for each type of price/reprice compare option, you only get a few different choices. Sorry!

Interface and Template

UX/UI is a very important factor when it comes to the usability of an app. Keep it simple, straightforward and intuitive, and you’ve won over a user. But screw it up, and you’re giving your users a free ticket to your competitors.

RepricerExpress: We’ve tested our templates and used the most favoured options, along with implementing features like drop-down boxes, coloured buttons and consistent font types. All this translates to an app that’s easy and fun to use.

Amazon Automate: Okay, they’ve actually got this one done pretty well. You don’t have to pay extra if you’ve got a pro selling plan and it’s already built-in to each account. Plus, its interface features bottom-page summaries so you can keep tabs on your profile as you build it for each item.

Repricing Side Effects

You know there are those quirky ‘glitches’ in life where one action indirectly causes another? It may not necessarily be a bug, but rather a by-product you should be aware of.

RepricerExpress: Ask our mother—we’re perfect.

Amazon Automate: This is a bit of an odd one we stumbled across. If you choose to reprice your items not using Amazon Automate, then AA will pause the rules you’ve created for that item. Why? We’re not entirely sure, but to us, it says there’s not a whole lot of communication going on between each inputter.


Amazon Automate is a useful free tool for sellers with a very small inventory or just starting out. Once you start to grow, an advanced automated repricer will pay for itself in increased sales and profits. Amazon Automate will lower your price to get the sale and often encourages a race to the bottom.

There are many reasons why sellers choose RepricerExpress over it. Here are some of the main ones.

  • RepricerExpress will raise your prices automatically and you’ll earn more profits in the long-run.
  • RepricerExpress gives you the ability to customise your repricing rules.
  • Lots of sellers simply don’t want to share their prices and profit margin with a direct competitor (Amazon).
  • Better UI and customer support.

RepricerExpress – 15 Days Free Plus 10% off

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