Why This 7-Figure Amazon FBA Seller Uses RepricerExpress

Using RepricerExpress

My name is Ryan and I am the Amazon and eBay Guru on YouTube. I’ve been selling on Amazon for over seven years and after years of growth, I am now a 7-figure Amazon seller.

I use the online arbitrage business model when selling on Amazon and that is when you purchase well-known brand name items from online retailers and then sell those items at a premium to customers on Amazon.

For example, if I find a printer on Walmart that I can purchase for $50 then I will buy it and send it into Amazon. I will then list the product for $100 on Amazon and after fees, I will generally make $20-$30 profit depending on the size and weight of the product.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

As Amazon becomes more competitive, it is crucial to have the best software to help you to distinguish yourself when selling on Amazon.

I have been using RepricerExpress for a while now and I have been extremely happy with the outcome, I have been able to win the Buy Box more frequently and I have been able to beat my direct competition even if it is by $0.01 and get the sale over them!

If you’re not using RepricerExpress for your Amazon FBA business then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table and losing out on a very valuable opportunity to have the software automatically raise and lower your price based on the competition and the Min/Max that you have set in the software.

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I started out by using FeedbackExpress and I had a lot of success with it in getting more Amazon feedback and then I was introduced to RepricerExpress and I use it on each and every one of my Amazon FBA listings.

Why I Use Fulfillment by Amazon

I strictly sell using the Fulfillment by Amazon program. With FBA, it’s a very hands-off approach as Amazon takes care of the fulfilment and customer service, and with RepricerExpress, it makes it even more hands-off as you don’t have to worry about changing your prices and it does it automatically for you!

When you are competing on Amazon FBA and trying to win the Buy Box, it is essential to be the lowest price while still being profitable, so what I do when I am using RepricerExpress is I only compete with other FBA listings.

I don’t worry about the Fulfiled by Merchant listings and if someone doing FBM undercuts my price, then I let them since most times FBM sellers don’t have much inventory and they generally sell out quickly.

A lot of people also only look for FBA since when they have an Amazon Prime membership they want to use it and get the product fast even if it means paying a bit more for the product, so, for this reason, I only compete with other FBA listings.

Decide Who You Want to Compete With

RepricerExpress makes it easy to do this and allows you to decide what type of listings you want to compete with. You can also set up templates in RepricerExpress that allow you to set a percentage below and a percentage above your current price so you don’t have to go and set a Min/Max price for each and every listing.

My sales on Amazon FBA have significantly increased since I started using RepricerExpress since I am winning the Buy Box more often and it is leading to more sales.

It is currently the middle of October and I am ramping up for Q4 on Amazon, I have been able to buy additional inventory and make significantly more money with this repricing software. I have just passed $1.8m in sales on Amazon this year and I will be well over $2m in sales by the end of 2019.

There is a lot of different software that you can purchase and use to grow your Amazon FBA business but an Amazon repricer is one of the most important pieces of software for FBA to stay ahead of your competition, because most likely your competitors will be using repricers and if you don’t then you will be behind and won’t make as many sales on Amazon.

I have used several different repricers including the free one that Amazon provides its sellers, but RepricerExpress is WAY better than anything that I have ever used before.

Amazon’s Free Repricer

The free repricer on Amazon’s website will basically only bring the price down and it rarely will bring your price up, think about it, Amazon wants you to make as many sales as possible on their platform, and they don’t care if you are taking a loss as a result of lowering your price since they are still getting their commission on each and every one of your sales.

If you’re looking to grow your Amazon FBA business then RepricerExpress can definitely help you to do that — no matter how big or small your business is, they have a plan that will fit your business and help you to make more sales on Amazon FBA!

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Get Ready for Q4!

Q4 is the busiest time of the year for Amazon sellers since it’s the quarter that more and more people are making their Christmas gift purchases through Amazon. This leads to increased sales but also increased competition as I know several Amazon sellers who do it part-time and only sell during Q4 since it is so lucrative and a lot busier than any of the other quarters.

With that being said, this is the perfect time to get started with Repricer Express and implement it into your Amazon FBA business to keep your prices consistent with your competitors and ensure that you are getting the best possible sales price out of each and every sale that you make on Amazon! I highly recommend RepricerExpress and I hope that you give it a try to grow your Amazon FBA business, you won’t regret it!

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