5 11, 2018

What is the Amazon Influencer Program?

If you’re hot on the social media scene and like making money, then the Amazon Influencer Program is something you should be paying attention to. It’s an initiative where influencers can get commission on products that are sold. For sellers, the Amazon Influencer Program allows for cost-efficient marketing while reaching potential customers you know may be interested in your product. Instead of throwing money at broad Amazon marketing strategies, sellers can take a more focused approach by working with the right influencers on platforms such as Instagram. Let's take a look at how it works!   How the Amazon Influencer Program Works It’s pretty similar to how Amazon Affiliate works — users can build links and shopping ads, and then integrate them onto their own websites or blogs. When people click on that link and buy a product, the affiliate gets a commission on the product, the amount of which depends on what type of product was sold. Anyone can sign up and get started, which is the biggest differentiation between that and Amazon’s Influencer Program. With Amazon’s Influencer Program, people have to apply be

4 11, 2018

How to Spy on Your Amazon Competitors

Ready to get a little James Bond-ish on the ecommerce world? RepricerExpress is spicing things up by telling you the best ways to spy on your Amazon competitors and get the kind of scoop to take you to the next level.   1. VisualPing Their Site for Changes in Activity You spend a lot of time on your own site, tweaking it so it delivers great user experience (UX) and looks great. As a result, you’re intimately familiar with every nook and cranny and can draw it out from memory if asked. There’s no way you can extend that to your competitors’ sites, and nor should you be expected to either. Your day is filled with more — and more important — tasks, but knowing what kinds of changes they make to their sites is a big boost for you. Luckily, there’s a site called VisualPing that can notify you of changes and alterations.   2. Use Alexa to Your Advantage If you’ve never heard of VisualPing, that’s okay. We’ve got a site that’ll sound far more familiar to your ears: Alexa. It operates quite

1 11, 2018

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Amazon This Week

Welcome to RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon and ecommerce. 17 days or 2 strikes - Amazon gets tougher on suspension appeals: Chris McCabe at Web Retailer reports he has seen a lot of changes in the past few months regarding how Amazon executes account suspensions and how they evaluate seller appeals for reinstatement. Specifically, he refers to Amazon testing out some new messaging to sellers who violated the terms of the Transparency program and those were suspended for inauthentic or counterfeit item complaints. Continue reading... Related: What to Do If Your Amazon Account Gets Suspended Western Union and Amazon to launch new way to pay: Dan Wilson at Tamebay reports that Western Union has announced it is has been engaged by Amazon to launch a new payment option that allows international shoppers to pay in person, in local currency where available, for their online purchases. Western Union’s money movement platform will power a new payment option for cross-border customers shopping on Customers in select countries will be able to shop on Amazon and pay in person,

1 11, 2018

Ecommerce Predictions for 2019 as Voice Search Continues to Take Over

Guest post by Manish from E2M Solutions Undoubtedly, the best ways for ecommerce businesses to stay relevant and competitive in the market is to incorporate the latest technology and keep up on what’s trending in the industry. However, following all of the latest strategies simply because they are popular for the moment is not necessarily the best move. This is not only expensive; it can cause your team to lose focus on building an experience that customers actually want. However, there are some tech trends that prove to be highly effective in terms of boosting conversions and improving the customer experience. One of these technological trends influencing consumer behaviour is incorporating voice search into your sales strategies. According to a recent report from Narvar, 24% of online consumers have used a voice search application to look for products, and that number is only expected to increase in the upcoming years. Failing to adapt and utilize this technology could cause you to miss out on this growing demographic of online shoppers. But, what does the future of voice-enabled shopping look like for ecommerce companies?   1.

31 10, 2018

Awesome Amazon Black Friday Selling Tips from Top Sellers

With Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) rapidly approaching, utilising advanced selling strategies on Amazon will be pivotal for a strong finish in 2018. Although some of the biggest shopping days of the year are still weeks away (Black Friday is November 23), sellers should already be starting preparations. If you haven't, don't worry — to help you, we have compiled awesome Amazon Black Friday selling tips from top Amazon sellers. Stephen Smotherman from Full-Time FBA offers his two top tips for success this Black Friday. 1. Many of the best “Black Friday” deals don’t even happen on Black Friday Most people know that Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and there is great money to be made buying up deals on Black Friday and flipping them on Amazon. What some people forget is that stores also have awesome sales the week before Black Friday and the week after. The stores want to keep the money flowing all throughout this Q4 season, and they are eager to have enticing sales over the course of a few weeks, not just on one

30 10, 2018

5 Things To Do If You DON’T Want Positive Product Reviews on Amazon

Selling products online is a cut-throat business. The competition is fierce — on Amazon alone there are over two million sellers worldwide. That number is sure to increase as selling online becomes more popular. Top sellers have their methods down to a science including how to get postive product reviews on Amazon. From sourcing only the best products, optimising their listings and of course pricing it right are the fundamentals of a successful ecommerce business. The primary tasks for Amazon listing optimisation are indeed essential. If the business is doing well and the online store is receiving excellent reviews then everything is on track. Keep at it, perform the required tasks on a daily basis and continue on that productive path. Remember the more good reviews the site gets, the better it will be for business. On the other hand, if you hardly receive any reviews, then there must be something wrong. How to avoid bad reviews Bad reviews will severely affect the seller rating of a merchant. Make it a policy to prevent bad reviews like the plague. Determine if the company is practising

29 10, 2018

What’s a Good Profit Margin on Amazon?

Every seller knows that in order to succeed, you need a good margin on Amazon. However, not every seller knows exactly what that percentage is. But that’s okay — RepricerExpress is here to help. We’ll dive into profit margins and how you can calculate one that works best for you.   The Types of Margins on Amazon You’ll Encounter There are two types of profit margins on Amazon: operating, and gross. Your operating margin is how much money you can put back to the business after sales, and it includes fees and expenses. Your gross margin is similar, but counts all the fees in totality from start to finish. And when it comes to fees, these are the ones you can expect to encounter. Seller Account Fee: This is how much you pay Amazon each month to have a Seller Account. The basic plan charges $0.99 per item sold, while the Professional version charges $39.99 for unlimited sales. Referral Fee: Whichever category you sell in, Amazon will charge you a fee on every sale you make, which is a percentage of the product’s price. FBA:

26 10, 2018

5 Interesting Stories from the World of Amazon This Week

Welcome to RepricerExpress' weekly round-up of the top five stories from the world of Amazon and ecommerce. Amazon is expected to report its fourth straight quarter of over $1 billion in profits: Eugene Kim at CNBC reports that Amazon is expected to report a third-quarter profit of $3.09 per share, or roughly $1.5 billion. That would make it the fourth straight quarter that Amazon has topped $1 billion in profit. Amazon's profit expansion is primarily driven by the growth of its high-margin businesses, like its cloud, advertising and third-party seller services. Continue reading... Amazon opens pop-up fashion shop in central London: Sarah Butler at The Guardian reports that Amazon has opened its first British fashion store, in the form of a central London pop-up where the retailer is seeking shoppers’ views on its clothing ranges, prices and store experience. The Baker Street pop-up is the first of its kind in Europe. It will be open for a week, during which time it will host events including denim customisation by Pepe Jeans and beauty trend discussions with Vogue’s Jessica Diner. Continue reading... Amazon pitched US immigration

25 10, 2018

11 Great Amazon Facebook Groups for FBA Sellers

Joining Facebook groups is a great way to meet other sellers and share experiences and expertise. There are lots of them of them out that you can join today and start learning. Here is our list of the eleven best Amazon Facebook groups for sellers:   1. Ecommerce Entrepreneurs This group was created by the guys from A Better Lemonade Stand. It's a closed group so you'll need to be approved by admins before you can join. It currently has over 6,000 members made up of ecommerce business owners and industry leaders. Check it out...   2. This group was created by Jim Cockrum. It's another closed group and currently has over 6,800 members. Jim is a successful podcaster and author and he created the group to connect and learn from other entrepreneurs and small business owners. Check it out...   3. Online Arbitrage Mastery Mastermind This closed group was created by RepricerExpress user and top Amazon seller, Kev Blackburn. In the group, you can get access to his free online arbitrage course. In Kev's words, the group aims to help you take action

24 10, 2018

6 Pricing Strategies for Your Digital Products

Figuring out pricing can be one of the more challenging aspects of a business. First, you must look at the market around you. Then, you must find a price point that is sustainable for you without pricing yourself out of the market. For digital products, that process can be a little more challenging as you often lack the same inventory restrictions or tangible results of a physical product. To price your product effectively, you need a pricing strategy. Here are six pricing strategies for your digital products.   1. Choose a High Price or High Volume There are a few basic pricing strategies that you should consider before making a definitive decision about your prices. You can look at it one of two ways: do you want to sell for a high price or do you want to sell a high volume? Those who choose to pick a high-price strategy will plan on selling fewer products but receiving a significant margin in return. Those who choose a high-volume strategy will have less margin but sell more products. The goal is to find the sweet spot