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16 11, 2018

I Tried Amazon Repricing Software But It Didn’t Work

Did you try it once, twice—did you use the 15 day trial and give the software a real go—did you create variations of your online ad campaign to test what was working—did you blog once or twice before declaring content marketing a failure? All too often we give up on something at the first try, or we blame the technology, not ourselves. It’s a trait that many successful companies don’t allow themselves to indulge in as every attempt to do something new is a learning curve, a step closer to more success.   Guilty as Charged I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to declaring something a failure without really trying. If we’re honest with ourselves, we'll recognise these scenarios: “That diet didn’t work for me” Well actually I only stuck to the plan for two days and sneaked in some chocolate bars so I didn’t exactly try it. “PPC advertising doesn’t work in our sector, we tried it” Well, we placed one ad online and gave it a small budget. After a few days it wasn’t working so

30 08, 2018

7 Back-to-School Selling Tips

Back-to-school shopping can be one of the most lucrative times of the year for merchants, but only if you know how to do things right. And with a little help from RepricerExpress, you, too, can become one of those famed rockstar sellers everyone’s talking about.   1. Keep Selling Simple and Steady Let’s look at Christmas for a second. Each year, there are fads that rise to the tops of everyone’s list. Because of this, gearing your selling towards this requires constant upkeep and tweaking so you can stay on top of everything. Back-to-school shopping is the opposite of that where nothing really dramatic or new happens each year. Kids are always going to need paper, notebooks, jumpers, shirts, sneakers, backpacks and writing instruments, so organise a framework that reflects this and focus on other elements.   2. Let Your Buyers Know You Have Back-to-School Gear Whether you dabble in a wide variety of products or like to keep it intimate, you need to tell your buyers that you have back-to-school gear available. And hey, even if you don’t think you do, you can definitely

22 08, 2018

6 Excellent Amazon FBA Podcasts to Help Your Business

You’re busy and don’t have time to comb through countless articles on how to rock Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). And while we do our best to condense all that information into potent packages, we also recommend listening to these amazing podcasts so you can do two things at once and continue to rock on.   1. Private Label Podcast (Kevin Rizer) When you want an expert opinion, you turn to someone who’s spent serious time in the trenches. Enter Kevin Rizer, a self-made man who conducts interviews that are conversational and easy to follow. He’s not afraid to ask ‘silly’ questions because he knows his listeners are wondering the same thing. As a bonus, check out his Private Labelling for Dummies bit, which breaks down all the concepts on private labelling you need to get started right away.   2. My Wife Quit Her Job (Steve Chou) Hasn’t everyone who started seriously selling on Amazon done so with the intention of it being so successful, they can make it a full-time gig? Well, Steve Chou can help you out with that by imparting pearls of

31 05, 2018

4 Benefits of Selling on Amazon Instead of Your Own Store

Every online retailer dreams of growing a successful business, one where product consistently streams out, income rises, and profits rise too. However, Forbes reports that sadly 80% of businesses fail. And while the former lists five reasons for this, we here at RepricerExpress have a sixth: opting to go with your own store instead of a proven marketplace like Amazon. Here's five reasons why merchants are selling on Amazon instead of their own store — at least initially anyway.   1. Amazon has the Numbers This is not intended to be a mean question at all, but if you polled 100 people in the street, would they be likelier to have heard of your store or Amazon? Amazon and other giant online marketplaces have a cachet to their names because of how big they are and how long they’ve been around. Also, because you haven’t publicly earned your stripes the way big-name online marketplaces have, customers are less likely to trust you. This in no way means you’re a bad online retailer, only that you’d have a lot more work on your hands establishing that

17 05, 2018

Should Your Online Store Have A Phone Line?

You run an ecommerce store, and you reason that everything is done online these days, so you decide you don’t need a dedicated phone line for your business. But is that really the right move...or are you missing out on potential business as a result? Let’s look at situations where you should have a customer service phone line, as well as situations where it might not be necessary, since every business’ needs are different.   You Should Have a Phone Line If… Having an 800-number front and centre on your website can instil confidence in your customers and make your business seem more trustworthy. It’s a subtle psychological trigger: having a number makes your company seem more legitimate. Having a phone number for your ecommerce site communicates to your customers that you are ready and eager to help if they have a question or issue. Let’s look at a few examples of when you should consider having a dedicated line for your business. 1. Your Audience Skews Older While there are other means of communicating with customers, like chat and email, consider your target customer.

12 07, 2017

3 Dynamic Pricing Tips for Amazon Sellers

Dynamic pricing is one of the most efficient and fastest ways to grow your Amazon business. Instead of rigidly adhering to a set of prices while your competitors offer more attractive ones — causing your customers to go to them instead of you — a good repricing solution will keep you strongly in the game. However, it’s wise to use repricing smartly and RepricerExpress has the tips you need to get ahead.   1. Be Strategic About Your Min and Max Values We’ve all heard the horror stories of businesses losing a ton of inventory because they accidentally priced their wares at a penny or moved the decimal over to the wrong spot. It’s not impossible for that to happen, but it is pretty unlikely. Any reputable repricing software (like RepricerExpress — hint, hint) will help prevent these mistakes so you don’t lose traction as your Min prices prevent underselling. Where a good repricing software comes in handy is by combining the best of your skills with the automation of technology. There’s no comparison for the knowledge and intuition you’ve built up on Amazon and repricing

5 07, 2017

New: Advanced Amazon Repricing Features and Automations

We're excited to announce advanced Amazon repricing repricing features and Automations are available for all RepricerExpress including new trials. Listening to customer feedback, we are committed to continuously improving our Amazon repricing software to help you increase sales and stay ahead of your competition. You can now see products' price history in detail. We've also added a host of enhancements to help you be more competitive including scenarios to prioritise FBA prices over lower MFN prices, Buy Box enhancements and advanced Min/Max options. Finally, we've added new Automations functionality to auto-detect when long-term storage fees are due and move this stock to a more aggressive repricing rule. This is all in addition to recent updates to Buy Box data and Price War info. See when you changed price, why you changed price and who you're competing against. With RepricerExpress you can now see your products' price history in real detail. Our Detailed History tab shows when your price changed, why it changed, its position, the competition low and high prices, Buy Box information and your sales too. This is in addition to detailed information about who

1 05, 2017

How to Increase Your Amazon Product Visibility

How often do you hear of a new merchant listing on Amazon with the hope of making a tidy sum, only to be disappointed by how slowly their stock sells. Enticed by the sheer number of shoppers visiting the Amazon’s sites worldwide, they could be forgiven for thinking a minuscule proportion of those buyers will surely find and buy their products. The reality, however, is much different. Listing your inventory on Amazon is but one piece of the jigsaw—and part of that process is committing to making your products visible to buyers and exceeding customer expectations whenever possible. Yes, there are millions upon millions of buyers on Amazon, but there is also a huge number of merchants selling to them with whom you’ve got to compete. Today, we’ll discuss the first element of getting your products more visible to those millions of Amazon shoppers.   Optimise your products’ visibility via search To successfully sell to customers, you need to ensure they see your products for sale and engage in anything that can make your merchandise easily found on Amazon. Put simply, you don't want customers

15 03, 2017

Smarter Repricing with New Features from RepricerExpress

We have released some really exciting features for all customers in RepricerExpress that we're sure will make managing your pricing on Amazon and eBay even easier. #1. Buy Box Information on Dashboard Yip, for those of you selling on Amazon, you can now see detailed information about your Buy Box performance from the dashboard, including what's: Buy Box eligible A Buy Box winner A Buy Box winner but with low stock Eligible but not winning the Buy Box Not Buy Box eligible Recently lost the Buy Box At a glance, you can also see your Buy Box percentage over the last 30 days from a tidy little chart! Related: How to Increase Your Buy Box Percentage #2. Identify Your Own Price Wars, Best Sellers and More We're rolling out a super new feature called, Product Status Preferences where you can define what is flagged as being in a Price War, a Best Seller and what's Low Stock. Values are in there by default but you have the option to enter your own, per marketplace. These will be super useful in helping you identify products that

5 01, 2017

A Handy List of Amazon Repricer Tips (for New Sellers)

Amazon is a great place to sell on and tons of new sellers join the marketplace to grab a share of the pie. With that in mind, here's a list of Amazon repricing tips to help you avoid common errors that new merchants make. The list includes setting up an Amazon account, listing products, using images that violate Amazon policy and expensive shipping policies.   Our List of Amazon Repricer Tips 1. Don’t register more than one account. Amazon policy is clear on this, one seller account per Amazon seller. Any more than one is a violation of Amazon seller policy. 2. Including your web store URL in your seller or product information. By selling on Amazon you are tapping into its vast customer base. In 2016, according to figures from Statista, had 2.27 billion visits per month across mobile and desktop. In return for this, Amazon do not allow you to direct traffic from its website to yours (unless using paid advertising). 3. Choosing the wrong seller account More than two billion third-party items were sold on Amazon in 2014. Most sellers will have two