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31 05, 2018

4 Benefits of Selling on Amazon Instead of Your Own Store

Every online retailer dreams of growing a successful business, one where product consistently streams out, income rises, and profits rise too. However, Forbes reports that sadly 80% of businesses fail. And while the former lists five reasons for this, we here at RepricerExpress have a sixth: opting to go with your own store instead of a proven marketplace like Amazon. Here's five reasons why merchants are selling on Amazon instead of their own store — at least initially anyway.   1. Amazon has the Numbers This is not intended to be a mean question at all, but if you polled 100 people in the street, would they be likelier to have heard of your store or Amazon? Amazon and other giant online marketplaces have a cachet to their names because of how big they are and how long they’ve been around. Also, because you haven’t publicly earned your stripes the way big-name online marketplaces have, customers are less likely to trust you. This in no way means you’re a bad online retailer, only that you’d have a lot more work on your hands establishing that

12 07, 2017

3 Dynamic Pricing Tips for Amazon Sellers

Dynamic pricing is one of the most efficient and fastest ways to grow your Amazon business. Instead of rigidly adhering to a set of prices while your competitors offer more attractive ones — causing your customers to go to them instead of you — a good repricing solution will keep you strongly in the game. However, it’s wise to use repricing smartly and RepricerExpress has the tips you need to get ahead.   1. Be Strategic About Your Min and Max Values We’ve all heard the horror stories of businesses losing a ton of inventory because they accidentally priced their wares at a penny or moved the decimal over to the wrong spot. It’s not impossible for that to happen, but it is pretty unlikely. Any reputable repricing software (like RepricerExpress — hint, hint) will help prevent these mistakes so you don’t lose traction as your Min prices prevent underselling. Where a good repricing software comes in handy is by combining the best of your skills with the automation of technology. There’s no comparison for the knowledge and intuition you’ve built up on Amazon and repricing

5 07, 2017

New: Advanced Amazon Repricing Features and Automations

We're excited to announce advanced Amazon repricing repricing features and Automations are available for all RepricerExpress including new trials. Listening to customer feedback, we are committed to continuously improving our Amazon repricing software to help you increase sales and stay ahead of your competition. You can now see products' price history in detail. We've also added a host of enhancements to help you be more competitive including scenarios to prioritise FBA prices over lower MFN prices, Buy Box enhancements and advanced Min/Max options. Finally, we've added new Automations functionality to auto-detect when long-term storage fees are due (15 February and 15 August) and move this stock to a more aggressive repricing rule. This is all in addition to recent updates to Buy Box data and Price War info. See when you changed price, why you changed price and who you're competing against. With RepricerExpress you can now see your products' price history in real detail. Our Detailed History tab shows when your price changed, why it changed, its position, the competition low and high prices, Buy Box information and your sales too. This is in addition

1 05, 2017

How to Increase Your Amazon Product Visibility

How often do you hear of a new merchant listing on Amazon with the hope of making a tidy sum, only to be disappointed by how slowly their stock sells. Enticed by the sheer number of shoppers visiting the Amazon’s sites worldwide, they could be forgiven for thinking a minuscule proportion of those buyers will surely find and buy their products. The reality, however, is much different. Listing your inventory on Amazon is but one piece of the jigsaw—and part of that process is committing to making your products visible to buyers and exceeding customer expectations whenever possible. Yes, there are millions upon millions of buyers on Amazon, but there is also a huge number of merchants selling to them with whom you’ve got to compete. Today, we’ll discuss the first element of getting your products more visible to those millions of Amazon shoppers. Optimise your products’ visibility via search To successfully sell to customers, you need to ensure they see your products for sale and engage in anything that can make your merchandise easily found on Amazon. Put simply, you don't want customers looking

15 03, 2017

Smarter Repricing with New Features from RepricerExpress

We have released some really exciting features for all customers in RepricerExpress that we're sure will make managing your pricing on Amazon and eBay even easier. #1. Buy Box Information on Dashboard Yip, for those of you selling on Amazon, you can now see detailed information about your Buy Box performance from the dashboard, including what's: Buy Box eligible A Buy Box winner A Buy Box winner but with low stock Eligible but not winning the Buy Box Not Buy Box eligible Recently lost the Buy Box At a glance, you can also see your Buy Box percentage over the last 30 days from a tidy little chart! Related: How to Increase Your Buy Box Percentage #2. Identify Your Own Price Wars, Best Sellers and More We're rolling out a super new feature called, Product Status Preferences where you can define what is flagged as being in a Price War, a Best Seller and what's Low Stock. Values are in there by default but you have the option to enter your own, per marketplace. These will be super useful in helping you identify products that

5 01, 2017

A Handy List of Amazon Repricer Tips (for New Sellers)

It's a new year and for some folk they will be starting to sell on Amazon for the first time. With that in mind, here's a list of Amazon repricing tips to help you avoid common errors that new merchants make. The list includes setting up an Amazon account, listing products, using images that violate Amazon policy and expensive shipping policies. Our List of Amazon Repricer Tips 1. Don’t register more than one account. Amazon policy is clear on this, one seller account per Amazon seller. Any more than one is a violation of Amazon seller policy. 2. Including your web store URL in your seller or product information. By selling on Amazon you are tapping into its vast customer base. In 2016, according to figures from Statista, had 2.27 billion visits per month across mobile and desktop. In return for this, Amazon do not allow you to direct traffic from its website to yours (unless using paid advertising). 3. Choosing the wrong seller account More than two billion third-party items were sold on Amazon in 2014. Most sellers will have two main fulfilment options, Fulfilment by

27 11, 2016

What’s in a Brand Name for Amazon?

Shakespeare wrote, “What’s in a name?” in Romeo and Juliet, but it applies just as much to the star-crossed lovers as it does to your business. The name you choose for your Amazon store will become your brand, forever giving your buyers a way to quickly and easily associate you with quality products and amazing service and provide a solid foundation on which to base your business. Choosing that name is no easy feat, though, as you want something representative of yourself, yet different from others. It’s a challenge for sure, but RepricerExpress is here to help. In this article, we’ll guide you through how to select a brand name that works and is memorable.   Understand Your Brand, Products and Market At the very beginning, you've got to understand yourself and what you do. Sounds simple, right? You’d be surprised at how many business owners haven’t grasped this concept. Take Walmart as a counterexample. They perfectly understand their brand is about the most inexpensive products available, whether it’s grocery items, clothing or sporting goods. So before you even consider a name, make sure you

24 11, 2016

Thanksgiving Jokes from RepricerExpress

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends. Here's some jokes to make you smile (or groan) this Thanksgiving! You'll be glad to hear that's all we have for you. Hope you all have a great day before the shopping extravaganza that is Black Friday. If you're travelling in snowy conditions this Thanksgiving, we wish you safe travels and hope it's not a case of Planes, Trains & Automobiles! Sharing is caring URL to be used as reference link: HTML embed code <a href="" title="Infographic: Thanksgiving Jokes | RepricerExpress"><img src="" alt="Infographic: Thanksgiving Jokes | RepricerExpress" style="width: 100%; height: auto !important; max-width:960px;-ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic;"/></a><br /> You can find more great content at <a href="">RepricerExpress - Amazon repricing tool.</a>

21 07, 2016

Tips to get Your Amazon Invoice Right for Customs

When you’re getting ready to ship a product to a buyer, creating an invoice is part of the deal. You need to make sure it’s accurate — and 'accurate enough' doesn’t count — to ensure prompt delivery. One problem that can arise with a poorly filled out commercial invoice is a delay at customs, which, as anyone who’s ever crossed a border knows, can be as long or as short as the customs officials decide. You never want to risk catching them in a bad mood and holding onto your package longer than necessary, as that can seriously jeopardise your reputation as a stellar Amazon merchant. RepricerExpress takes a look at what you need to know to get your Amazon invoice right for customs. Getting all the Little Details Right Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all easy method to ensure every Amazon seller and shipper gets all the details they need correct on their commercial invoices, but there are certainly different methods you can test out to see which one works best for you: making a checklist on a mini eraser board and sticking it to your

9 12, 2015

How to Sell Expensive Items Online

One of the traditional calling cards of luxury stores were their print catalogues. Designed with thick pages and a glossy sheen, these catalogues would showcase high-end items in all their one-dimensional glory. Part of the appeal of high-end stores’ catalogues was the items themselves: instead of looking in on your local store, you could browse page after page of what the world’s finest stores had to offer. But as with anything, change inevitably creeps in and these luxury stores have had to adapt their print catalogues into online versions. RepricerExpress dives in to see just how these luxury stores have adapted to selling expensive items online and what the smaller online merchant and Amazon third party seller can learn from them. Quality Images When buyers shop on a regular store’s site (and by regular, we mean anything that’s not high-end), the images they get are not always photographed professionally, likely smaller-sized that don't provide greater detail when zoomed in to. They’re there to provide a brief description of what the product is, complemented by its product description. Not luxury stores! They keep their images large