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27 11, 2016

What’s in a Brand Name for Amazon?

Shakespeare wrote, “What’s in a name?” in Romeo and Juliet, but it applies just as much to the star-crossed lovers as it does to your business. The name you choose for your Amazon store will become your brand, forever giving your buyers a way to quickly and easily associate you with quality products and amazing service and provide a solid foundation on which to base your business. Choosing that name is no easy feat, though, as you want something representative of yourself, yet different from others. It’s a challenge for sure, but RepricerExpress is here to help. In this article, we’ll guide you through how to select a brand name that works and is memorable.   Understand Your Brand, Products and Market At the very beginning, you've got to understand yourself and what you do. Sounds simple, right? You’d be surprised at how many business owners haven’t grasped this concept. Take Walmart as a counterexample. They perfectly understand their brand is about the most inexpensive products available, whether it’s grocery items, clothing or sporting goods. So before you even consider a name, make sure you

24 11, 2016

Thanksgiving Jokes from RepricerExpress

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends. Here's some jokes to make you smile (or groan) this Thanksgiving! You'll be glad to hear that's all we have for you. Hope you all have a great day before the shopping extravaganza that is Black Friday. If you're travelling in snowy conditions this Thanksgiving, we wish you safe travels and hope it's not a case of Planes, Trains & Automobiles! Sharing is caring URL to be used as reference link: HTML embed code <a href="" title="Infographic: Thanksgiving Jokes | RepricerExpress"><img src="" alt="Infographic: Thanksgiving Jokes | RepricerExpress" style="width: 100%; height: auto !important; max-width:960px;-ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic;"/></a><br /> You can find more great content at <a href="">RepricerExpress - Amazon repricing tool.</a>

21 07, 2016

Tips to get Your Amazon Invoice Right for Customs

When you’re getting ready to ship a product to a buyer, creating an invoice is part of the deal. You need to make sure it’s accurate — and 'accurate enough' doesn’t count — to ensure prompt delivery. One problem that can arise with a poorly filled out commercial invoice is a delay at customs, which, as anyone who’s ever crossed a border knows, can be as long or as short as the customs officials decide. You never want to risk catching them in a bad mood and holding onto your package longer than necessary, as that can seriously jeopardise your reputation as a stellar Amazon merchant. RepricerExpress takes a look at what you need to know to get your Amazon invoice right for customs. Getting all the Little Details Right Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all easy method to ensure every Amazon seller and shipper gets all the details they need correct on their commercial invoices, but there are certainly different methods you can test out to see which one works best for you: making a checklist on a mini eraser board and sticking it to your

9 12, 2015

How to Sell Expensive Items Online

One of the traditional calling cards of luxury stores were their print catalogues. Designed with thick pages and a glossy sheen, these catalogues would showcase high-end items in all their one-dimensional glory. Part of the appeal of high-end stores’ catalogues was the items themselves: instead of looking in on your local store, you could browse page after page of what the world’s finest stores had to offer. But as with anything, change inevitably creeps in and these luxury stores have had to adapt their print catalogues into online versions. RepricerExpress dives in to see just how these luxury stores have adapted to selling expensive items online and what the smaller online merchant and Amazon third party seller can learn from them. Quality Images When buyers shop on a regular store’s site (and by regular, we mean anything that’s not high-end), the images they get are not always photographed professionally, likely smaller-sized that don't provide greater detail when zoomed in to. They’re there to provide a brief description of what the product is, complemented by its product description. Not luxury stores! They keep their images large

27 10, 2015

Amazon Repricing Webinar

How to increase Amazon sales with more Buy Box placement On the 1st October, RepricerExpress hosted an Amazon repricing webinar in conjunction with Startup Bros to show Amazon sellers the advantages of using repricing software for increasing Buy Box placement and sales. If you missed this repricing webinar, don't worry, we've published the whole event on YouTube. In the webinar, we covered the following: Part One What is repricing software? What types of seller use repricing software? How Amazon repricing works How to win your share of the Amazon Buy Box Part Two About RepricerExpress Dashboard Features Repricing rules Competition amongst Amazon sellers can be extremely fierce during the festive season so it's ever-more important that sellers have competitive repricing strategies in place to ensure maximum sales and profits. Our staff are on hand to help you get started and set up in time for the busiest quarter in Amazon's history, from November 2015 right through to January 2016. Repricing is the single biggest Buy Box factor you can address right now to ensure higher sales this festive season. Start My Free Trial

23 10, 2015

Expert Advice to Help You Overcome an Amazon Account Suspension

As an Amazon seller, you’re fairly used to things going in a linear fashion: set up an account, upload your listings, draw in customers and their orders, and then package and ship items to them. Until, one day it doesn’t — you log on to find out your Amazon account has been suspended. It’s a message no merchant wants to see, and yet it happens regularly. RepricerExpress takes an up-to-date look at why your account has been suspended and what you can do to get it back. Reasons for Suspension Amazon is far from being a perfect system, as it’s so big that occasionally mistakes slip through the cracks. But for the most part, they use algorithms to notify them when the following has taken place: Performance: When you first start out selling on Amazon, there are certain benchmarks you have to meet. If they feel you’ve been lagging, then they may suspend your account. This is to keep the marketplace competitive and not full of names who say they sell but don’t actually use the site. Violation: Any time you join any organisation you

13 07, 2015

How to Target Your Amazon Audience

Once you’ve made the decision to sell on Amazon, one of the sites with the largest reach in the world, you've already made an excellent choice. But after that, how do you decide exactly what to sell, and where? Amazon isn’t a one-city pony where buyers are limited to shopping in a specific geographic location — like the clothing boutique down the street from you — which means you have many more possibilities of how to move forward available to you. Let’s take a look at how to narrow down your perspective, and what this means for different marketplaces. Consider How Your Products Will be Received Everywhere There are some items, like books or candles, which have fairly worldwide universality. This means that in just about any country you’re in, your items can find an audience that can start using it right away. Candles are always lit the same way and used for generally the same purposes, while books can be published in English — the language of the world — and read without need for special instruction. But once you start delving into other

26 02, 2015

Infographic: Online Shopping Statistics

The number of digital shoppers (a person who has browsed, compared prices or made an online purchase at least once) has risen from 172 million in 2010 to a predicted 200 million in 2015. In the first-quarter of 2014, had over 164 million visitors whilst eBay attracted over 104 million visitors. Facebook had the highest conversation rate of social commerce, 1.85%. You will find more statistics at Statista Join the eCommerce Revolution With statistics like this it is easy to see why so many business are selling online on marketplaces like Amazon. If you're an current Amazon seller or considering this in the future, RepricerExpress can help you increase sales and profits through optimised pricing. Sign-up today for your free 15-day trial.  

18 02, 2015

Amazon Launch One Hour Delivery with Amazon Prime Now

This week, Amazon Prime Now has been introduced in parts of Manhattan, New York. The new service allows Amazon Prime Now customers to receive a range of essential Amazon products within an impressive delivery time of one hour. This follows on from an experiment back in December, when Amazon trialled the use of two-hour delivery slots. How does it work? Amazon Prime Now products can be ordered exclusively through the Amazon Prime Now app. A small number of delivery people deliver Amazon "daily essentials" (food, batteries and other small items) within 60 minutes to eligible Amazon customers. It is currently only available in the 10001 zip code of Manhattan, which contains the Empire State Building. Coming to a city near you? It's uncertain where the service will be rolled out but we could be seeing it in other cities later this year. In New York there are companies such as PostMates already offering a similar service. Dave Clark, Amazon’s senior vice president of worldwide operations, said that the service is going to be rolled out “to additional cities in 2015”. Amazon Prime UK This week,

17 02, 2015

Create an Amazon Webstore in 5 Easy Steps

Instead of merely starting up an account with Amazon, take your business to the next level  by creating an Amazon Webstore. It’s an ecommerce platform that allows you to combine your own store idea with the breadth and scope of Amazon’s marketplace, and you get the freedom of selling things your way without having to worry about all the finicky details. Today, RepricerExpress shows you how to create an Amazon Webstore in five easy steps and the benefits you’ll enjoy from it. Step 1: Set Up Your Account Everything starts with signing up and before visions of financial success start dancing in your head, you need to have an account with Amazon. Once you provide them with some basic information, like an email address, password, business contact information and payment information, Amazon will let you pick out webstore products and actually buy your online store. But wait! It’s not quite as open-and-shut as this. To make sure you’re a legitimate business, Amazon needs to verify that you are. They’ll give you a call at the business phone number you provided, so check that you’ve typed everything